Custom Landing Pages: The Key to Real Estate Website Lead Generation
    Jun 15th 2020 #Marketing#RealEstateSEO#RealEstateLeadGeneration

    This article clears the air on landing pages and guides realtors on tips to generate leads. The first step to generating leads for your real estate website is by customizing your landing page. If the first page visitors to your site see is the homepage, then you're not doing things right. So how do you craft high-converting landing pages that ultimately lead to sales? You'll get to know about that as you continue reading. 

    20 Ways to Generate More Real Estate Leads in post-COVID-19 World
    May 31st 2020

    How do you generate your more real estate leads? With ever changing landscape every realtor needs to adapt to the current situation. World is changing in front of our eyes. It goes virtual. Now it’s the time to buckle up and embrace the change for the good.

    Best 10 Affordable Real Estate Open House Signs You Can Buy Right Now
    Feb 11th 2020

    Looking for open house signs? We found the best 10 affordable real estate open house signs you can buy right now!

    Quality real estate open house signs are a small investment that delivers MASSIVE results. Research proves sign bundling provides significantly better exposure and sell measurably faster than no open house signs for real estate.

    Top 10 Books Every Realtor Should Read To Master The Craft
    Feb 9th 2020

    Have you ever wondered why some of the realtors are doing better than others? Even though experience plays a big factor, the main advantage is and will ever be the knowledge.

    We are here to help you with that and get you ahead with the best realtor books available.

    Real Estate Branding 101 Part Two: Communicating the Value of Your Brand
    Jan 1st 2020

    In Part One of this series about real estate branding, we covered exactly what branding is, including how to make market differentiation and how to identify your key target customers. 

    In Part Two of our Real Estate Branding 101 series, we’ll dive into ways that you can successfully communicate your brand to your target customers. 

    Boosting Your Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Effectiveness in 2020
    Dec 19th 2019

    It’d be great if all you ever had to do for work is show appealing properties and have your clients sign on the line. But one of the challenges of being a real estate agent or broker is generating seller leads.

    3 Real Estate Copywriting Tips to Sell, Sell, Sell
    Oct 1st 2019 #RealEstateLeadGeneration

    Most real estate agents never think about the writing they feature on their website or social media. Which give you a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd if you do.

    Words matter. It might feel like this is something we all hear all the time, but especially in the real estate industry, the words you put out into the world to describe yourself, the benefits of working with you and the properties you help pass from one owner to the next, this statement quickly takes on a whole new meaning.

    Real Estate Branding 101 Part One: Defining Your Brand
    Sep 30th 2019 #Marketing#RealEstateWebsite#RealEstateSEO#RealEstateLeadGeneration#RealEstateBranding

    Real estate branding is a challenging task for anyone to undertake. But in this Real Estate Branding 101 series, we’ll give you plenty of pointers and guidelines that can help you as you seek to refine your branding and keep your customers coming back for more.

    4 Winning Strategies for Writing Your Real Estate Agent Biography
    Sep 19th 2019 #Marketing#RealEstateLeadGeneration

    Are you a newly licensed realtor ready to define yourself as a professional via an agent bio for the very first time?

    Maybe you’ve been in the business on the administrative end for a white, but lack experience as an agent and are looking to change that.

    Or maybe you’re a seasoned real estate veteran who’s looking to revamp your bio to help your brand stick out in a highly saturated, overcrowded market.

    Effective Guide to Local Real Estate SEO - Get More Local Leads
    Aug 4th 2019 #RealEstateSEO#RealEstateLeadGeneration

    Does your Real Estate Business need more leads? Are you tired of seeing competitors dominating search results and Google Places within your market? Do you think Real Estate Local SEO is too complicated? If you answered yes on any of the above questions then keep reading, as this may be a life-changing event for your business.

    Simple 3 Steps That Will Help With Real Estate Buyer Leads
    Aug 3rd 2019 #RealEstateLeadGeneration

    Being Real Estate professional requires a lot of work, no doubt in that. You need to balance many things at the same time - emails, showings, marketing, outreach, meetings - the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day and sometimes it’s very hard to fit all those tasks and errands.


    Real Estate SEO Company - what do you need to know?
    Jul 31st 2019 #RealEstateSEO

    There is no secret that Real Estate SEO Company can help you to achieve sustainable results in your organic traffic growth. The more traffic your website has, the more potential buyers or sellers will contact you. The more leads your website generates for you - the happier you are - it's literally simple as that!

    Best 3 Instagram Real Estate Memes Accounts To Follow
    Jul 18th 2019

    Having a bad day? Take a look at this 3 Best Instagram accounts for some funny Real Estate Memes - 


    IDX Api
    Jul 14th 2019 #IdxWebsite

    If you are a web developer - Broker One can help you with the rich IDX Api access. We pull data from MLS and purify it in the developer friendly way. Inquire about IDX Api and start developing today!

    IDX Website Comparison: Real Geeks VS Broker One
    Jul 13th 2019 #IdxWebsite#RealEstateWebsite#RealEstateSEO

    Pricing of IDX Website Plan from Real Geeks will cost you $2,388 annually or $199/mo. You will also need to pay one time $500 fee. Broker One will cost you $348 annualy or $29/mo and there is no other fees. Also Broker One offers free website changes, such as adding text, images and links.

    IDX Website Comparison: Placester VS Broker One
    Jul 13th 2019 #IdxWebsite#RealEstateWebsite

    The cheapest IDX Website Plan from Placester will cost you $1,188 annually or $99/mo. You will also need to pay one time $99 fee. Broker One will cost you $348 annualy or $29/mo and there is no other fees. Also Broker One offers free website changes, such as adding text, images and links.

    Make Your Competition Jealous With an IDX Website
    Jul 9th 2019 #IdxWebsite#RealEstateWebsite#RealEstateSEO

    Whether you are an Agent or Broker, I’m sure you have heard many times about the IDX Website. So why do you need one?

    Simply put, IDX Website is a real estate website that could have regular pages, such as: home page, services, about, contact, etc. with one major key difference - it will have an implemented IDX feed page.

    5 Key Components to Consider in Real Estate Website Design for Agents and Brokers
    Jul 9th 2019 #IdxWebsite#WebsiteDesign#RealEstateSEO

    Congratulations! You’ve received your license and now are an official a Real Estate Agent or Broker. You created your company or maybe even got hired by one of the larger brokerages out there. So what’s next? 

    6 Best Real Estate Websites For Agents To Follow
    Jul 9th 2019 #Marketing

    So much of the real estate industry relies on word-of-mouth conversations that happen locally: professionals talk to buyers and sellers about properties in the neighborhoods they work, they talk to each other about strategies that worked best for them, they talk to vendors like staging services and contractors about the pitfalls and upsides of getting a property ready for market and more. But it’s also highly important that real estate professionals at all levels stay up-to-date on current market trends happening beyond their regions and in the field at-large.