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Your job is to help clients buy and sell real estate properties. Ours is to keep your online storefront in tip-top shape so you can help more clients buy and sell more properties.

Build Your Brand Use IDX & SEO Capture Leads

Real Estate Website For Agents

Make a great first impression.

Choosing a logo, fonts and colors are just the tip of the iceberg. What should the sales voice on your website sound like? What textures should you use? Will your property photography contain a signature visual element?

A solid brand is your first line of defense to help promote your real estate business. If you’ve already built your brand, Broker One will integrate it seamlessly into a new, custom and beautiful website to show off your MLS listings.

And if you haven’t built your brand yet, we’ll build one for you from the ground up. Our customizable Whether your brand is already set in stone or you need to build it from the ground up, Broker One’s in-house stable of copywriters, designers, web developers and other creative professionals can help.

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Real Estate Website For Agents

IDX and SEO go together like peanut butter and jelly.

In fact, IDX—short for internet data exchange—was made with SEO in mind. The MLS provides a great service, but there’s no way for Google to index any MLS content. This means if you aren’t using IDX to display your property listings online, they won’t affect your search rankings. Which also means the leads you could be getting won’t even be seeing your properties, much less searching through them.

IDX sites, on the other hand, are indexable by Google’s web crawlers and will contribute to your search engine ranking—the most surefire way to get eyes on your listings as potential customers search for real estate services online.

Not only does Broker One build beautiful IDX real estate websites that can rank on Google and be found by a greater number of prospects, we also take extra care to boost your ranking with best-in-class SEO support. In everything from stocking your site with metadata, running your blog efforts and more, Broker One’s IDX websites are built with SEO in mind.

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Real Estate Website For Agents

Increase your lead count. Assist in more deals.

Face it: without leads in the funnel you have no business to do. Whether you’re a real estate broker or an agent, your number-one priority is stacking your sales funnel so you have a constant stream of clients to keep satisfying.

The numbers don’t lie: according to the National Association of REALTORS® 2018 report, 70% of buyers and 74% of sellers work with the first real estate professional they contact.

With Broker One’s purpose-built websites, complete with landing pages that are specifically designed to attract traffic and capture prospect data, your online real estate web presence will collect more prospects than ever before, so you can close more deals than you ever thought possible.

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Broker One cares.

What happens after your site launches? What about when you need to make site updates or want to test out a new tagging strategy? You could have someone on your team do it—or you could learn the ins and outs of website maintenance yourself and take valuable time out of your already overcrowded schedule.

Or you could just tell us.

No matter which plan you choose from Broker One, you’ll receive free, unlimited web support so you’ll never have to worry about changing text, links or images on your site. Unlike the impersonal and time-consuming services offered by platforms such as Zillow, our locally based support team will do it for you!

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our users have to say.

Kirill Kokarev, Broker - The Kirills - Miami, FL

Since test-launching our online storefront just three months ago, we have seen a 47% increase in traffic to our business. This has already resulted in three new property sales to customers from the Miami area and beyond.

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