Best 10 Affordable Real Estate Open House Signs You Can Buy Right Now

Feb 11th 2020

Looking for open house signs? We found the best 10 affordable real estate open house signs you can buy right now!

Quality real estate open house signs are a small investment that delivers MASSIVE results. Research proves sign bundling provides significantly better exposure and sell measurably faster than no open house signs for real estate. 

These open house signs are proven “passerby” attractors, they are extremely popular displays for advertising house sale. 🏠 No matter what the weather is, the open house sign can always fully display your property. You can place it anywhere you like.


1. Open House Swooper Flag and Pole Kit,Real Estate Signs Advertising Feather Flag for House Agent Sale

If you’re looking for the most optimal way to draw house shoppers from every major thoroughfare to your house, then these are the right yard signs for you. Made with quality thicker and tear resistant polyester fabric and print 'open house' by premium vibrant, UV resistant ink on. Put a few of those and your open house signs will be visible from far away


2. Open House Sign Balloons

Very cool and non-traditional way for your open house signs. Balloons are inflated and will be nicely moving with the wind, making it super attractive for people to come visit your open house!


3. Open House Signs With Directions

Do you want to place your open house signs not only at the house, but also in the neighborhood? If so, this is a great solution for you. It will let anyone who drives by a direction where to go to see your open house.


4. Best Economical Open House Signs Pack

Don’t want to spend lots of money on your open house signs? If so, this is a perfect solution. It comes with the 10 pack and wires that will allow you to place your open house signs virtually anywhere.


5. Best Variety Open House Signs Pack

This is the best all around Open House Signs Pack that will allow you to put them virtually anywhere. Here is the snippet of what you get only for $29.95

Set of 2 Double Sided Corrugated "Open House" Yard Sign 18" Tall x 24" Wide for Real Estate Set of 2 Double Sided Corrugated Directional "Open House" Yard Sign 12" Tall x 18" Wide for Real Estate 

Set of 4 Sturdy 10" x 30" Steel H Stake Professional appearance, Waterproof, Windproof, Reusable, Sturdy, Realtor Grade, Printed with UV Resist Ink to stand the test of time MADE IN USA - This product is proudly handcraft in California


6. Feather Flag Real Estate Themed Complete Set with Poles and Ground Spike

Another cool open house sign flag that will definitely make your open house stand out among others.


7. Open House Metal A Frame Signs 4-Pack Kit

This is very sturdy and ready to use open house signs, they will perform in any weather including strong wind. Metal frame will allow them to be durable and serve many open houses in any weather!


8. Real Estate Sign Post

Looking for something more premium? Check out this real estate pole. You can add any real estate sign in there and be ready to go with a very cool setup!


9. Realtor Door Mat - Realtors Doormat 24 inches x 36 inches (Custom Realtor Open House)

This open house doormat will make your guests not only to see your open house, but also to see your information on the doormat. At only $39 you can print whatever information you want for your potential buyers to see


10. Ultimate ready-to-go economical open sign solution

Only for $12 you can have a ready-to-go open house signs with wires to hold it. Put it on the side of the road or anywhere you want!




Does anything give you more pleasure than placing a “Sold” marker over one of your For Sale signs? You may enjoy it even more with these high-quality cheap real estate signs from the list above. If you’re an established realtor, you’ll love the extra savings on signs that don’t compromise on quality. An “Open House” on Savings For Sale signs, Open House signs, etc. are a standard part of any realtor’s toolbox. You want them to look great, but you don’t want to spend your entire commission on signs. With our list, you get the best of both worlds: cheap prices on durable materials and high-quality printing that won’t fade. Our house is always open for savings! You’ll love the way your signs look in your customers’ yards, and they’ll never know you spent less!