Top 10 Books Every Realtor Should Read To Master The Craft

Feb 9th 2020

Have you ever wondered why some of the realtors are doing better than others? Even though experience plays a big factor, the main advantage is and will ever be the knowledge.

We are here to help you with that and get you ahead with the best realtor books available.


You just said that you already read some realtor books and you felt like they didn’t help? Or maybe you were already aware of the key points those realtor books brought up?

That may be true…

This list isn’t your Grant Cardone 10x marketing books or endless influencer copy paste books. The realtor books list below will help you to understand yourself better.

We are going to recommend to you realtor books that may not be related to real estate, but instead… They are about the other factors that will make you a more successful realtor.

Without further delay, here are the Top 10 Books Every Realtor (Beginner or not) Should Read:


1. Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini

If you’re the type of person who finds themselves constantly being rejected by others — someone who is never taken seriously despite your best efforts at being authoritative, constantly left feeling like a pushover — Robert B. Cialdini has your back on this one. In this best-seller, Cialdini teaches us the 6 principles of persuasion which will ensure that you’ll never be left feeling like a fool again. In applying these 6 principles you’ll be at the center of attention, seemingly commanding people with your every word. Trying to close more real estate deals? Trying to get more buyers? Then this is a perfect book for a realtor like you.

Who’s it for: Realtors who struggle to have them acknowledged and/or struggle to close deals

2. Outliers: The Story Of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Do you want to find out how the worlds most successful people became, well, successful? Who better than to ask someone who has spent years studying them and finding out exactly that. This is precisely what Malcolm Gladwell has done, and shares with us in his book Outliers. Through these observations, Gladwell developed “The 10000 hour rule” amongst other associations made on how one achieves a high level of success. Whether you’re a beginner real estate agent, highly experienced broker — or anything really — If you want to become world-class at it, this realtor book is for you. 

Who’s it for: Anybody looking to become a champion, leader and grand master.

3. Flow: The Psychology Of Happiness by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Did you ever notice that when you feel happy, the easier it is to close the deals?

In an unexpected yet mindblowing take on happiness, Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced cheek sent me high) shows through decades of research exactly how our happiness is effected by the work we commit ourselves to. He argues that happiness is achieved through a mental state known as Flow, where the high skill level of the individual is met with challenging work. Imagine a mathematician solving a perplexing problem, or an artist bringing their conception to life through seemingly perfect brush strokes. What happens to the brain during this state appears paradoxical! 

Who’s it for: Anybody working in a real estate field. Outstanding book for a realtor.

4. David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art Of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell makes our top list with this brilliant book. In using a dense array of examples, as is the style of Gladwell, we learn about the probability of improbable outcomes when small people face big challenges. Whether it is your unruly boss, a physical feat or mental condition, Gladwell shows us that it is possible to defeat things, even when the odds are stacked against you.

Who’s it for: Realtors that think they aren’t ready for it yet

5. Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by Daniel Goleman

You may have noticed in recent years the fading of the IQ phenomenon, and the emergence of this new theory of EQ — or emotional intelligence — and for good reason. Psychology is now showing us that EQ is a bigger determinant of personal success and mental health than IQ. Emotional intelligence is exactly what the name implies, it is our ability to identify and handle not only our own emotions, but the emotions of others, and our ability to handle situations according to these principles. Overall a thought-provoking realtor book. 

Who’s it for: Realtors who lets their emotions, or the emotions of others get the better of them.

6. Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

In a summary of decades worth of research, Kahneman challenges the various cognitive biases people subconsciously possess, and apply day after day. Understanding that our minds are composed of two parts — an instinctive and primal section, and a more critical and rational section — together with their manifestations in decision making will give you an “aha” moment of relatability. The applications of this book are vast, from daily tasks to major business decisions, you’ll never look at decision making the same again. 

Who’s it for: The indecisive realtor in you. Those who face make or break decisions regularly. 

7. Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It

Chris Voss was the best negotiator. In this book he tells the secrets about the art of negotiating, making it into a top realtor book to read for every realtor.

Who’s it for: Realtor that struggles to negotiate the deals

8. Mindfullness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace In a Frantic World by Mark Williams and Danny Penman

In today’s frantic world its easy to get lost in the lightening pace of everything around us, and to forget about the moment to moment occurrences which can bring us true happiness. In this mega-popular book, Williams and Penman show us how to exist in this state of tranquillity in an ever moving world. Finding peace in the moment — not in some hippy, woo woo sense — but based on tried and tested psychological findings is a proven path to lasting happiness. 

Who’s it for: Any realtor who is easily caught up in the rapid pace of the world. Those with anxiety issues.

9. EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION: How to recognize persuasion tactics and dark psychology that influence people on workplace and relationships

Do you feel down and out after interacting with a particular person? Do you sense someone is taking you for a ride but you can’t break free from them? Do you easily get used and dumped by others? If so, this book will be a great resource for you! Learn how manipulators play their game in order to build your defenses against them In our modern world, emotional manipulation is now so pervasive that many people do not even recognize that it is happening to them. In everyday interactions with the people we meet, from friends to foes, and the frenemies in between, there are covert agendas behind the smiles and warm hugs. Many of these hidden agendas are not in our best interest.

Who’s it for: Any realtor who wants to realize who is wasting his time.

10. How To Win Friends And Influence People

This book is an all-time classic for a reason: Dale Carnegie is empathetic, funny, practical and sobering, all in one book. The title makes it sound like something a sociopath might love, but once you have opened the book, you will soon realize it’s anything but. Carnegie’s advice is based on becoming the type of genuine person that others want to be around — because they add value to other people’s lives. His advice includes things that seem obvious, such as, “Talk to someone about themselves and they will listen for hours,” but once you have read the book you will start acting like someone who has purchased a new car: You will start seeing the things he describes everywhere you look. If you want to become a better friend, mentor, family member, co-worker or boss, this is a quick read you should add to your bookshelf.


Who’s it for: Overall best realtor book for self development


Conclusion: Here you have the best realtor books to drastically help you to be a better realtor. Each book targets different points of making you close deals as never before!