4 Winning Strategies for Writing Your Real Estate Agent Biography

Sep 19th 2019 #Marketing#RealEstateLeadGeneration

Are you a newly licensed realtor ready to define yourself as a professional via an agent bio for the very first time?

Maybe you’ve been in the business on the administrative end for a white, but lack experience as an agent and are looking to change that.

Or maybe you’re a seasoned real estate veteran who’s looking to revamp your bio to help your brand stick out in a highly saturated, overcrowded market.

Every agent’s bio will be different, and will need to highlight specific areas of expertise, as well as your personal background, experience and involvement in your community, as well as awards you’ve won and accreditations you’ve earned.

Maybe you’ll also want to include any stats that might up your credibility in the eyes of your potential clients. 

Your agent bio matters so much because, according to the National Association of Realtors, 51% of new home buyers find their homes online. 

Many reported that before they inquired about the listing, they looked into who the realtor handling the sale was.

Remember: your bio is often the first impression your potential clients have of you when they visit your site. 

So regardless of your experience, background and involvement in your community, there are a few things you can do to ensure your bio is as good as it can be. 

Let’s take a look at five winning bios that include examples of great tactics that for you might model your own after:

  1. Elizabeth Putnam, Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty—Establishing a Personal Connection to Your Market

Elizabeth’s bio states from its very first words—”As an Ashville native”—that she is from the area she services. And because of that, from the very get-go, she establishes a level of credibility with her target audience.

Elizabeth’s potential buyers can tell ;

You may not be a native of the area you service as a real estate professional. In that case, you might mention how long you’ve been in the area—as does Kirill Kokarev, an agent originally from Russia who now lives and works in the Miami area.


In Kirill’s bio, he leverages that he has been in the area for 7 years and emphasizes that he chose Miami as his home, which speaks to his passion for the market he works within. 

Whether you’re a native or just have immense passion for the place you practice real estate, mentioning this early on in your bio will help establish an emotional connection with readers and prospective clients that will lend you credibility and make you seem like an agent they can trust.

  1. Kirill Kokarev, The Kirills—Using the Real Estate Agent Bio to Establish Business Acumen



Something else we love in Kirill’s bio is how he establishes that he is versed in tough negotiations. 

As we all know, buying or selling property can be one of the most difficult transactional experiences anyone can undergo, as well as one of the most emotional.

By speaking to his experience in tough deal negotiations, Kirill establishes that he won’t falter during the negotiation process for his clients. He demonstrates that he has real business acumen that can come in handy in the event your real estate transaction gets hairy.

As an added bonus, Kirill also mentions that he has experience working in the international marketplace, which opens up a whole new range of customers for him beyond those who live in the Miami area he services.


  1. Missy Stagers, M. Stagers Realty Partners—Using Your Bio to Increase Time on Site



Missy’s online biography is lengthy—and, as a special surprise, it’s not even her full bio. For that, you’ll need to click through to another page via a CTA button, where you can read more about her. 

While it’s unrealistic to expect every audience member to read so much content, Missy has devised a brilliant strategy for getting online visitors to stay on her site. 

The longer visitors stay on your site, the more credit you will build with Google, and the higher in the Google rankings your site can be placed. 

This proves your bio can do more than just give basic information about you. It can also be used to engage your visitors and prospective clients with your site and brand.


  1. Matt Laricy, The Matt Laricy Group—Saying a Lot with Very Little



Unlike Missy’s bio, Matt has chosen to write three sentences only about himself. However, he does plenty in that four sentences that might be great for you to do as you write your own. 

Matt begins by saying he’s a third-gen realtor and is a broker for a company his father started. This demonstrates that he was born and raised to be a realtor. 

Next, he mentions that he now runs his own team that carries his name. This is the second real estate company he’s mentioned he operates in two sentences. Quite impressive if we might say so ourselves.

Finally, Matt mentions that he’s worked in and specializes every aspect of the business, which instills confidence with prospects that they’ll be choosing an agent who truly knows the process.

It’s not as short as a tweet—but it’s just as effective.

If you are looking to read more about effective real estate agent bios head over to this write up made by our friends at FollowUpBoss.

In conclusion, we hope that these four tactics might help you write your own bio for yourself. And be sure to stay in touch with our blog and follow us on social media, where we might write about even more useful tactics soon!