Make Your Competition Jealous With an IDX Website

Jul 9th 2019 #IdxWebsite#RealEstateWebsite#RealEstateSEO

Whether you are an Agent or Broker, I’m sure you have heard many times about the IDX Website. So why do you need one?

Simply put, IDX Website is a real estate website that could have regular pages, such as: home page, services, about, contact, etc. with one major key difference - it will have an implemented IDX feed page.

Know you will say - but my MLS gives it to me for free, why do I need to pay extra?

The answer is simple. MLS gives you what’s it called an “iframe”, that’s a technical term in web development, in a short it means something “embeddable” directly onto website.

There are 3 major cons about that feed - 

  1. It’s not really usable. I’m not kidding, go ahead and try to use it - you will get frustrated and go to zillow within 5 seconds

  2. It’s not indexable by Google - basically what it means is the properties in this feed won’t have any effect on your SERP (search engine page rankings)

  3. You won’t have ANY control of how it looks or works

  4. It will practically be no lead generation

This is where custom IDX Website comes in play. Not only you can make the IDX property as advanced, or as basic as you want but it also will play a major part in your SERP rankings with google as long as buyers will be utilizing a very friendly property search and find the properties they like. Which means for you getting more leads!

To summarize:

IDX Website will allow you:

  1. Build custom user experience and showcase your properties in a user friendly manner

  2. Automatically sync all your properties from your MLS

  3. Generate more leads

  4. Get better Google rankings

  5. Helps to market properties efficiently

  6. It will make your competition jealous :)