Simple 3 Steps That Will Help With Real Estate Buyer Leads

Aug 3rd 2019 #RealEstateLeadGeneration

Being Real Estate professional requires a lot of work, no doubt in that. You need to balance many things at the same time - emails, showings, marketing, outreach, meetings - the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day and sometimes it’s very hard to fit all those tasks and errands.

One of the most important tasks is to get as many leads as possible for the listings that you have, to do so, you must have an ever-expanding database of potential buyers, which means you need to somehow find them. In our previous series, we explained about real estate SEO services and how your established branding and IDX website will help you with that.

Today, we are going to talk about how a particular tool of your real estate website will help you to get more Real Estate buyer leads right now. Below are the 3 steps of how to increase your lead generation.

  1. So you have your real estate website - it looks awesome, it’s mobile-friendly and it’s fast. What makes it even more awesome is the tool that’s called “Home Evaluation Tool” which will allow your visitors fill out the form which will get their information, their preferences in budget and location where they’d like to buy real estate. After potential buyer completed the form, the information will go straight to your email and, optionally, will send you a text message.

  2. Don’t let your potential buyers wait more than a few hours before following up with them. We all know how fast everyone expects it to be nowadays. Each hour of wait time means that the potential buyer will reach out to a few more Agents/Brokers, which will mean more competition to deal with for you. Luckily, it’s easily avoidable by calling to your new real estate buyer lead right away. Be friendly and honest, and the potential buyer will be married to you from the first interaction.

  3. Set the expectations right from the start. Tell your potential buyer about the true costs of purchasing a real estate in your area, that way he/she will know what to expect in terms of the cost and won’t set incorrect expectations for themselves. Buyer needs to be aware of the current situation in the market and the costs associated with it.

Here you have 3 simple steps that will help to increase your marketing outreach and your buyer real estate leads. If you are just starting, and don’t have your real estate IDX website in place, don’t hesitate and contact us today