Effective Guide to Local Real Estate SEO - Get More Local Leads

Aug 4th 2019 #RealEstateSEO#RealEstateLeadGeneration

Does your Real Estate Business need more leads? Are you tired of seeing competitors dominating search results and Google Places within your market? Do you think Real Estate Local SEO is too complicated? If you answered yes on any of the above questions then keep reading, as this may be a life-changing event for your business.

Local search is becoming increasingly relevant for local businesses.

Failing to address this important fact puts your Real Estate Business in danger as you get left behind by your competitors. On the other hand, by acknowledging this fact and acting upon it, you can put your business in a position which will allow it to reap gigantic benefits for years to come. Did you know, that:

1. Almost 63% of all local businesses don't even have a real estate website Your market is up for GRABS!

2. 25% of all local businesses that have a website don't even show up in the local search results for their city COMPETITION is less fierce than in traditional forms of marketing channels!

3. More than 75% of business owners grossly underestimate the importance of local listings and local SEO OVERTAKE of your competitors by simply avoiding the same mistake!

4. 30% of all online searches will be local

The fact is, Google processes more than 2.5 billion local searches on a monthly basis. Moreover, local search is seeing exponential growth with a 3.5% increase each month. By 2018, roughly 45% of all searches conducted on the internet will have local intent. That is more than 750 million local searches per month. Imagine what this could mean for your business if you had even just a small piece of that rapidly growing pie. WHERE AND HOW OFTEN ARE CONSUMERS LOOKING FOR LOCAL BUSINESS INFORMATION? CONSUMERS SEARCHING LOCALLY

Where consumers are looking

Google dominates where consumers turn to find local businesses, followed by local search sites and Internet Yellow Pages.

Real Estate Local SEO

As you can see, a gigantic proportion of online searches are directed at local businesses, coupled with an amazingly-high buyer intent, this directly translates into highly-lucrative monetary benefit for businesses to effectively establish themselves online. The Internet has quickly taken the place of newspapers, television, billboards and the radio as the best form of marketing and is in most cases much cheaper too. It offers life-changing rewards to savvy business owners, who are smart enough to identify this trend before too many of their competitors do. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL WIT LOCAL SEARCH.

By neglecting local and organic SEO, you are literally robbing your own business of hundreds and thousands of ready customers with their wallets open. On the other hand, your competitors, the ones smart enough to exploit this goldmine, are swimming in traffic and sales, and reaping all of its benefits.

With several years of SEO and inbound marketing under our company's belt, we have made a lasting impact on the world of search and internet marketing. For years our company has meticulously garnered an immaculate reputation for industry-leading SEO products and unmatched customer support. Now, after months of painstaking research and rigorous testing, we are extremely proud to announce our official Local Real Estate SEO which will once again shake the industry up and allow business owners to transform their local businesses into thriving empires. The solution is structured into multiple tiers, each serving its own purpose in a potent, results-oriented, synergistic cocktail of local goodness consisting of elements such as citations, local business directories, video citations, social media citations, powerful high PR links and much more.