IDX Website Comparison: Real Geeks VS Broker One

Jul 13th 2019 #IdxWebsite#RealEstateWebsite#RealEstateSEO

Real Geeks VS Broker One

If you are an Agent or Broker, you probably heard that name. Real Geeks makes the IDX Websites for Agents, and below we will make the comparison between Real Geeks and Broker One.

Real Geeks pricing varies by how many agents you have, the cheapest plan is for 1-2 agents and it starts from $199/mo

Real Geeks Pricing


Monthly Pricing

Annual Pricing

1-2 Agents

$199/month + $500 one-time setup fee


3-9 Agents

+$25 per agent + $500 one-time setup fee


The pricing starts at $199/mo and goes higher with the selected plan and options.

Broker One Pricing


Monthly Pricing

Annual Pricing


$29/month + $0 one-time setup fee



$59/month +$0 one-time setup fee


Broker One offers more affordable plans for Agents to start with. It also has all the maintenance included as well as free text, image and link changes.

Broker One also offers Real Estate SEO, Content Creation and Design Services

When choosing and IDX Website as an Agent or Office you will get a personal support from Broker One Team Contact Today